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NP40 NP-40 Replacement Battery for Fujifilm FinePix V10 Z1 Z2 Z3 Z5FD Zoom

Brand: fujifilm

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Battery Parameters:

3.7V , 1250mAh/4.63Wh , Li-ion , Black , NULL


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● Our batteries are 100% new and CE / FCC / RoHS certified for safety

● We only use high quality materials and grade A cells to guarantee real capacity and higher recharge cycles.

● Quick, friendly and hassle-free customer support and a full one-year warranty: if something goes wrong, we are at your disposal.

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Battery Model NP40
Condition 100% Brand new & High quality
SKU 24KK36A2_Oth
Category Camera & Camcorder Batteries
Applicable Brand Fujifilm
Battery Type Li-ion
Capacity 1250mAh/4.63Wh
Voltage 3.7V
Color Black
Size(L x W x H) NULL
Packing Quantity Default: 1 (Unless otherwise specified by pictures or text)
Compatible Models Fujifilm FinePix V10 Z1 Z2 Z3 Z5FD Zoom
Certification Passed CE, UL, ROHS, ISO 9001/9002 and GS certification
Service Buy now, we promise a one-year warranty and 30-day returns

Lithium-ion battery assembled with high-grade lithium-ion cells quality.

It complies with European Community regulations.

Respect the production and disposal criteria currently in force within the European Community.

Certified product CE & RoHs.

Replacement part numbers:
Compatible Models:

Pentax D-Li8 D-Li85
Fujifilm NP-40 NP-40N
Panasonic DMW-BCB7
CGA-S004 CGA-S004A CGA-S004A/1B CGA-S004E/1B
Kodak KLIC-7005
Benq DLI-102
Samsung SLB-0737 SLB-0837
Sanyo NP-40
HP R742
Optio A10
Optio A20
Optio A30
Optio A36
Optio A40
Optio E65
Optio L20
Optio S
Optio S4
Optio S4i
Optio S5i
Optio S5n
Optio S5z
Optio S6
Optio S7
Optio SV
Optio SVi
Optio T10
Optio T20
Optio W10
Optio W20
Optio WP
Optio WPi
Optio X
FinePix F402
FinePix F403
FinePix F420
FinePix F455
FinePix F455 Zoom
FinePix F460
FinePix F460 Zoom
FinePix F470
FinePix F470 Zoom
FinePix F480
FinePix F480 Zoom
FinePix F610
FinePix F610 Zoom
FinePix F650
FinePix F650 Zoom
FinePix F700
FinePix F700 Zoom
FinePix F710
FinePix F810
FinePix F810 Zoom
FinePix F811
FinePix J50
FinePix V10
FinePix V10 Zoom
FinePix Z1
FinePix Z1 Zoom
FinePix Z2
FinePix Z3 Zoom
FinePix Z5fd
Lumix DMC-FX2
Lumix DMC-FX7
Caplio 10G
EasyShare C763
DC X600
Digimax i6
Digimax L50
Digimax L60
Digimax L700
Digimax L70
Digimax L73
Digimax L80
Digimax NV3
Digimax NV5
Digimax NV7
Digimax OPS
Digimax i5
Digimax i6
Digimax i50 MP3
Digimax i70
Xacti VPC-E1075
Xacti VPC-E1090
Xacti VPC-E760
Xacti VPC-E760GL
Xacti VPC-E760P
Xacti VPC-E860
Xacti VPC-E870
Xacti VPC-E870G
Xacti VPC-E875
Xacti VPC-E875EX
Xacti VPC-E890
For HP
LI40 Q6277A
Photosmart R742
For Braun
For JAY-tech
JayCam i6550
For Jenoptik
EasyShot JD 5.3z3
EasyShot JD 7.3z3
For Medion
Life S47000
Life P42010
Life P42012
For Polaroid
For Prosio
SlimNeo XT1600
Strato DC2007
For Technika
For Revue
DC 600 Slim
DC 5600 Slim
For Rollei
Tribute DT6
For Vivitar
Vivicam 3660
Vivicam 7388
Vivicam 7388S
Vivicam 7500i
For Praktica
Luxmedia 12-03
LM 8403
LM 8503
LM 8303
LM 7403
LM 7303
LM 7203
DCZ 10.3

Items for replacing Fujifilm FinePix V10 Z1 Z2 Z3 Z5FD Zoom Camera & Camcorder Batteries NP40

1. Please carefully read the NP40 battery information and compatible models provided by us, please do not buy it by mistake. If in doubt, please send an email.

2. Deal with a non-removable internal battery with the help of tools and full of DIY experience. If not, get professionals' help.

3. Li-ion rechargeable battery is not compatible with other types of battery, like ni-mh, ni-cd.

4. "Fujifilm battery NP40" offered by eazybattery.com, belongs to the Li-ion, self-protected if overcharged, perfectly run in motion for Fujifilm FinePix V10 Z1 Z2 Z3 Z5FD Zoom.

5. The same series of fujifilm camera & camcorder batteries may be divided into versions or names among different regions. Please carefully check your device model and the capacity of the original battery.

6. If the above fujifilm camera & camcorder batteries appearance or battery capacity does not match your PC, please quickly visit our website and keep in touch with our mailbox.

7. If the battery does not work properly, please correct or refresh the battery(*Deep charge and discharge 3 times. Charge the battery for 10-12 hours after exhausting it three times; update battery drive; enter BIOS checkout battery information).

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Why most customers purchase batteries from us?

-The declared mAhs are real.

-The quality of the cells is of the highest quality.

-The quality of plastic is highly selected.

-Quality of contacts and assembly, respect the highest safety constraints.

-These NP40 Portable Batteries have all the certifications to be able to be commercialized in Europe respecting all the safety constraints.

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